Product Information

All product sizes are approximate. Actual results may vary.


SolarMaxTM fabric offers maximum durability and UV resistance. Used on select products as noted.


SuntexTM 210 Denier Polyester fabric offers high quality durability and UV resistance. It is second only to SolarMaxTM. Used on select products as noted.


House and Garden Decorative Art Flags and Decor Products are meticulously illustrated by a team of gifted designers and artists whose designs are fresh, colorful and appealing.

All flags are printed on both sides. Except where noted as Reversible, the design is backwards on the back. Those indicated as Reversible read correctly on both sides and may be exactly the same on both sides. See additional information below.

House flags have a fabric tab inside the pole sleeve to to attach to a flag pole’s hooks so that the pole can be tilted.

Avoid direct exposure to strong sunlight to prolong life. The standard House and Garden Flags are NOT UV Resistant, but should last 1 to 3 seasons outdoors, depending on the amount of sun exposure per day, heat, wind, ocean salt water, and amount of days each flag is left on display at a time. See more information about Fade-Resistance.

Custom Decor Flags are printed in the U.S.A. in Dover, Delaware. The original artwork is reproduced on 300 denier 100% polyester fabric for finer quality reproduction. They stand up to weather and are mildew and fade resistant.

Premier Flags
 combine a reversible dye sublimation printing with embroidery stitching that offers a vivid, three-dimensional appearance. Each step in the “print + embroidery” process is performed by highly skilled craftsmen with attention to detail, precision and finishing on 210 Polyester Fabric. The design on the front is reversed on the back. If there is writing in the design it may only be printed on the front. For commercial flags, the writing is reversed on the back.See Reversible Flags below.
Studio M Breeze Art Flags  are new at House And Garden Flags. They look better, feel better, and weather better thanks to their exclusive SolarSilk© polyester fabric. It allows for higher quality printing, sun-enhanced color vibrance and natural drape and movement. Products range from decorative flags, MailWraps to Art Poles and Kaleidoscope Wall Spinners (coming soon). They are a small, family-owned business based in St. Louis, Missouri.

Jeremiah Junction Flags are printed with Fade-Resistant dyes on a durable polyester-nylon blend to stand up to most rugged outdoor elements. Vivid, high contrast printing holds color longer and the fabric is guaranteed to never mildew.  Designed in the United States by artist Linda Coleman.

Custom Decor makes reversible flags that read correctly on both sides. Image is exactly the same on both sides.

PremierSoftTM Reversible Flags by Premier is a reversible nylon flag that can be read correctly on both sides. Velvety soft and thicker than the regular polyester fabric, but still lightweight enough to sway in the breeze. The hand feel is butter soft.

Garden Charms are made with high-quality SuntexTM 210 Denier Polyester fabric with fade-resistant coating and tight satin applique stitching, these fun-loving 3-D Garden Charms will turn heads as they sway gently into the wind. Garden poles and inflating pump are not included.

Other Products

Custom Decor Mailbox MakeoversTM are printed in the U.S.A. in Dover, Delaware on all-weather outdoor vinyl with eco-friendly inks are not only environmentally safer, they have been lab-tested for weather resistance to give you the best performing mailbox cover available.To use with plastic or aluminum mailboxes, purchase the Magnetic Adapter Kit 8336. The size when flat is 20 5/8 inches wide x 18 inches long. There is a cutout for the mailbox flag on the right side, 2 1/2 inches wide by 2 7/8 inches high.
Custom Decor Creative Crates with Interchangeable Art Plates 8 inch x 8 inch Creative Crates hold a 6 inch potted plant, jar candle, towels or other gift items. PVC Art Plate panels slide into a front area easily. Plate designs coordinate with matching products.
Twisters are made with 3/4 ounce ripstop nylon, the same material as Premier’s kites.
Colorful Spinnies are designed to turn in the opposite direction of it’s neighbor for best visual effect. Each set is complete with a set of 24 inch streamers.

Fabulous Spinsocks is the original spinning windsock. Made  from the hightest quality 210 denier polyester Suntex UV Resistant material with added density to ensure long lasting life in the elements, the Spinsock is a perfect compliment to a kite and of course looks great on a windsock pole. The 12 inch small version looks great from a car antenna! Tendrils do not have hemmed edges. Sizes are not including hanger strips.

Beautiful and energetically playful, both the Spinnies and Spinsocks spin anywhere the wind blows, either from poles, porches or parafoil kites.