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What Is A “Reversible” Flag?

I have received so many questions about the difference between Regular Flags and Reversible Flags that I have decided to address it in more detail. The most important thing to know is that all flags from are printed on both sides. Reversible Flags: Those indicated as Reversible Flags read correctly on both sides and will be exactly the same on both side.  The manufacturers started doing this so that flags that contained writing or words would read correctly on both...
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Is there such a thing as a “fade-resistant” flag?

Is there such a thing as a “fade-resistant” flag? We’ve all experienced it: We spend a reasonable amount of dollars on new outdoor decor, not the $2 cheap stuff, but a decent $20 to $40 bucks worth. The package even says “fade-resistant.” You think you should get a product that lasts at least one season, completely intact and untarnished. I totally agree with you. $20 to $40 of your hard-earned dollars matters. So you go shopping either in a store or...
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Why Are Shipping Fees So High Lately?

About current shipping fees I know, I hear you. For those of us who remember when a postage stamp was 5 cents (myself included), the shipping fees at may not be what you expected, and I understand your concerns. These are not my fees, but come directly from the shipping vendors themselves. Unfortunately, the cost of shipping overall has increased enormously over the years and continues to increase every year. But the choice and quality of services, as well as the...
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